English text follows Japanese.

みなさんはアフタヌーン・ティー(Afternoon Tea)ってお聞きになったことがありますでしょ?

特にイギリスに旅行されたことがある方はリッツ(the Ritz)ブラウンズ(Brown’s)で大枚をはたいてアフタヌーン・ティーを楽しまれたのでは?

最近ではリッツのチョコレート・アフタヌーン・ティー(Chocolate Afternoon Tea)など個性的なメニューを展開しているところもありますが、伝統的なアフタヌーン・ティーのメニューは、薄くスライスしたキュウリのサンドイッチ(cucumber sandwich)や、スモークサーモンなどを挟んだサンドイッチ類。




まだほのかに暖かいスコーンにイギリス南西部デボンシャー(Devonshire)産クロテッドクリーム(clotted cream)をたっぷり載せて、ストロベリージャム(strawberry preserve)をその上にとろり。










「アフタヌーン・ティーは格式張っているからちょっと」と思われる方は、もっと庶民的なクリーム・ティー(Cream Tea)はいかがですか?





ドーセット(Dorset)デボン(Devon)コーンウォール(Cornwall)といったイギリス南西部に行くとよく「Cream Tea」と書かれた看板を見かけられると思います。


ドーセットにルルワース(Lulworth) というコーヴ(cove)と呼ばれる美しい円形の入り江で有名な小さな村がありまして、そのコーヴの傍にある小さなカフェで出されるスコーンが最高に美味なのです。







Afternoon Tea


I guess you have heard of “Afternoon Tea” before.

If you have visited England, you might have indulged in posh Afternoon Tea at the Ritz or Brown’s 

Some venues offer its original menu such as “Chocolate Afternoon Tea” at the Ritz, however traditionally Afternoon Tea consists of various finger sandwiches such as the mandatory cucumber, and smoked salmon sandwich.

It also includes a variety of pastries, biscuits and cakes.

A wide selection of teas are normally offered and from which you can choose your

AND most importantly (?) it is always served with scones!

In my opinion, nothing tastes better than still warm scones heaped with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry preserve.

Triple yum!

Sipping fragrant tea served in a bone china tea cup, as you sample delicious scones, delicate pastries and finger sandwiches…

Surrounded by the gorgeous décor of super luxurious hotel, partaking Afternoon Tea while listening to live piano music or string quartet is a wonderful experience.

You are bound to feel like transported to some other world, totally cut off from your everyday life. (Unless you are super rich, of course... if you are, then this is the norm, I guess…)

A venue like that normally has a strict dress code that requires a jacket and tie for gents and no jeans are permitted.

It is a great opportunity for us, girls, to dress up, though :)

The drawbacks for this beautiful ritual, however, are you need to make a reservation 6 weeks in advance at some venues and it is not cheap!

The traditional Afternoon Tea will cost you about £35 onwards that is roughly 7,000 yen per person!

It is beyond the means of ordinary folks and, unless you are super rich, you can only indulge in the experience for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Having said that normally loads of food, sometimes more than you can consume, is served with tea.

So you can have Afternoon Tea instead of lunch or supper, then it might not sound that expensive.

If you think Afternoon Tea sounds too posh for your liking, how about “Cream Tea” instead?

Cream Tea comes with tea and scones, clotted cream and strawberry preserve.

Clotted cream is a must!

It is traditionally made in Devonshire and tastes like something between butter and cream.

It is quite rich, but utterly delicious!

If you travel to Southwest of England, counties like Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, you will notice the sign for “Cream Tea” everywhere.

Homemade scones served at simple local cafes in theses areas are out of this world!

There is a small village called Lulworth in Dorset which is famous for its cove, beautiful horseshoe shaped

I just loved scones served at a small café by the Cove and every time we visited the area, we always treated ourselves with Cream Tea there.

Speculating how fattening scones heaped with clotted cream and a huge drop of strawberry preserve are (each contains possibly 800 calories!?), I still gobbled down at least two, sometimes more!

Ahhhh… writing about scones makes me salivate…

Drat! I have developed a serious craving for scones now.

Got to find clotted cream first, though!